DAZED (The Story of a Grunge Rocker)

 What's Being Said

"A quicksilver story of raw lust made real before your  reading eyes." Brian Heffron, Writer/Director/Poet on DAZED (The Story  of a Grunge Rocker)

"I was a lot like Eric. I lived to jam drugs into my veins. I  did All those things I said
I would never do. That includes  experimenting with just about anything sexually. I'm not really  concerned about society's labels. I know who I am. Society can fuck off. Had I read this book with only a few weeks clean, I would probably make that phone call to the 'loose cannon'.
I could literally picture the rig filling with  blood. The optimist in me hopes Eric will find lasting recovery and  peace within his troubled soul. The cynic in me hopes he will end his  existence in a heartbreaking dramatic way. If I were to predict Eric's  future, I'm betting there is no happy ending." ANONYMOUS on DAZED (The  Story of a Grunge Rocker)

"She doesn't need advice, sounds like
she's doing everything right."About Nikki Palomino by Paul Mazursky, Director, whose career spans from the 50s as actor in The Blackboard JungleĀ to directing hits like Down and Out in Beverly Hills, A Love Story, An Unmarried Woman, and more recently co-directing for Blank Theater, L.A


Nikki Palomino

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